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Summer Nucs with locally raised queens for sale.

 It is highly recommended that every beekeeper have one nuc for every two colonies. When built up and be ready to overwinter, these nucs can be used next spring to replace losses or increase your colony number (see Sustainable beekeeping using late season nucs on:  http://www.sandhillbees.com/education).

 I have five frame medium nucs with queens raised in Blue Bell from a variety of queen mothers (local survivor queens or a VSH breeder queen ).  The survivor queen mothers have all lived since 2017 or 2018 here in my apiaries and are productive and gentle. The VSH Carniolan queen mother is a 2020 breeder queen from VP Queens.  The nuc will contain three frames of your queen’s brood, as well as frames of nectar and pollen. Some nucs are ready now and others will become available in the coming weeks. $175, including waxed cardboard box.

Vincent Aloyo  email  Vincent.aloyo@gmail.com


10’x10′ SUPER LIGHTWEIGHT Aluminum Popup-Shade

Wheel-Bag, Spikes

New, never used. (Mountains and sunset not included)


List Price $249, presently on sale at getundercover.com (link above) for $219.

Pick up price from me, Vince Aloyo: $175

Simple Harmony Farms Uncapper

Like new





List price from SHF: $395 + $19 shipping = $414


Pick up price from me, Vince Aloyo:



This season, I have several kinds of nucs available, each consisting of five medium depth frames of adult bees, including three frames of brood of varied ages (all of which are offspring of your queen), as well as frames of pollen and honey. Types of nucs that will be available include nucs with 2020 VSH Carni hybrid queens (raised by Johnny Thompson of Broke-T Honey from VSH breeder queens from VP Queens), nucs with Saskatraz hybrid queens, and nucs containing 2020 queens raised from my local survivor stock. These different types of nucs will be available at diverse times, from now until early summer.   For more information, go to my web site: http://vincemasterbeekeeper.com

I am PA licensed (C2019-89) to sell Queens and Nucleus colonies. As part of this program, my queen rearing apiaries are inspected by the PA Department of Agriculture twice a year, typically at the beginning and end of the active beekeeping season. I use no antibiotics or synthetic chemicals in my beekeeping operations.

Vincent Aloyo, PhD
Master Beekeeper


2020 Nucs available on five deep or medium frames with 2019 queens raised from hives that survived (and thrived) in PA. Available for pick up in Philadelphia (late April – May, weather dependent).

Check out my website http://www.instarapiaries.com/?page_id=19  or contact Jeff Eckel at instarapiaries@gmail.com


1) TWO FRAME HONEY EXTRACTOR-This is a used custom made extractor, Has a plastic drum, fitted with a drain at its base, a stainless steel cage, from  which the honey laden frames are to be extracted, and a conventional drive mechanism for spinning the cage. It is ready to go! The price is $45. 

2) OBSERVATION HIVE- A used single large one frame unit, with a clear glass panel on one side for observing the bees activity. See the attachment. Price is $50.

3) OLD HONEY PITCHERS- These were "custom" pitchers, made years ago, now one of a kind, that come with a decorative cap. See attachment. Price is $4.00 each, or negotiable if you take the entire lot!

 4) BEE BANNER-New bee banner for display purposes, 25 inches X 45 inches. Price $10.00

5) 50 GALLON TANK- Used, made of galvanized steel, 22 inches in diameter and 36 inches in height, fitted with handles for ease of transport. At its base is a 2 inch honey valve for discharging its contents. No pictures. Price is $50/obo.

Please contact William Jasulaitis at 610.275.1106

Local Nucs for Sale

Nucs with 2-3 deep frames of solid brood, beeing nurtured by nurse bees, THEIR MAMA, and adequate food stores will simply explode once installed in your equipment. Early April: 5 deep frame Nucs in non-returnable cardboard boxes. Late April: 4 frame Nucs from our overwintered colonies. To reserve your Nuc, we only need your vitals: name, phone #, email and # of Nucs to reserve for you.

Visit 911HONEY.COM for more info and pricing.

HoneyBee Nucs For Sale. $200.00

Perfect for backyard beekeepers, we grow and breed quality honey bees.

  • Quality Northern Wintered-over bees
  • 5 Frame Nucs
  • Bring your own empty hive body
  • Grown Locally in Our Own Apiary
  • Recently inspected by the Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture, fully licensed to produce nucleus colonies and queens , license number C2019-32 

Text or call for more information. 

Shady Elm Honeybee Farm LLC
(215) 480-3082

Spring Nucs (April 2nd & 4th weeks) and Packages (April 6th* & 27th*)

Over 25 years working with package producers in the same location - queen pedigree from overwintered feral colonies in PA and Michigan. Nucs are five deep frames. Pickup is five miles from Valley Forge, Norristown and Lansdale.

*Join us for a package installation demo at 2:00 PM

Get more information at www.pabeekeeper.com

Worcester Honey Farms
Lansdale, PA

2020 Honey Bee Nucs for Sale

PA Queen and Nuc Selling License Cert. # C2017-174

Nucs with 2020 Wilbanks queens from Georgia. Five frame medium or deep frame nucs with Italian queens produced by Wilbanks Apiaries, Claxton, Georgia. Three frames of her brood, as well as nectar and pollen. Likely availability is late April to mid-May. Deep frame nuc – $185, Medium frame nuc – $175.

Nucs with 2020 Broke-T Honey queens from Mississippi. Five frame medium or deep frame nucs with queens raised from VP Queens VSH breeders, daughters raised by Johnny Thompson of Broke-T Honey in Philadelphia, Mississippi (https://www.facebook.com/BrokeTHoney). Three frames of her brood, as well as frames of nectar and pollen. Likely availability is mid-May. Deep frame nuc – $185, Medium frame nuc – $175.

Nucs with 2020 Saskatraz queens from California. Five frame medium or deep frame nucs with Saskatraz queens produced by Powell Apiaries, Orland, CA from Canadian breeder queens produced by the Saskatraz breeder program. For full information, go to http://www.saskatraz.com. Three frames of her brood, as well as nectar and pollen. Likely availability is late April or May. Deep nucs – $185, Medium frame nucs – $175.

Over wintered nucs containing locally raised (PA) 2019 queens. A locally raised queen, brood, pollen and honey. Winter proven stock since it will have come through the 2019-2020 winter in PA. Five frame medium or deep frame nucs with locally mated queens. Three frames of her brood, as well as nectar and pollen. Likely availability is mid to late April. $250

All of the nucs I sell are raised by me. I do not buy nucs from commercial breeders and resell them. If you bring your hive to my apiary, I will install the nuc into it for you. Or you may borrow a cardboard nuc box with a cash deposit of $10 that is fully refundable upon return of the nuc box assembly in its original condition.

To reserve a honey bee nuc contact Mark Antunes at honeyhillfarm@verizon.net or call 215-257-7121.

Thank you,

Mark Antunes
Honey Hill Farm LLC.
932 Callowhill Road,
Perkasie, PA 18944

HONEY For Sale!

Steve Amelang
Homegrown Honey
43 Skyline Drive
Audubon, PA 19403
(610) 666-6510

Priscilla Bonsell
Bonsell’s Bees
Hatfield, PA

Dan Boylan
Cairnsgrove Gardens/Apiaries
(610) 327-8217

Scott Famous
Mellibee Apiaries/VSH Queens
(610) 329-4399

Drew Shaner
(610) 473-8082

 Vincent Aloyo                                                                                                                                                 Aloyo Apiculture and Education, LLC                                                                                                                                              Blue Bell, PA                                                                                                                    ellen.codd@verizon.net


Serving Montgomery, Bucks and surrounding counties in Pennsylvania, the MCBAPA is an association of hobbyist and professional beekeepers. Our mission is to provide education, hands-on training, support and fellowship in all aspects of beekeeping. Both experienced beekeepers and novices participate in our monthly meetings, field trips and social events.

Our meetings are held at:

Montgomery County 4-H Center
1015 Bridge Road (Route 113)
Skippack, PA 19426

General membership meetings are usually held the 4th Thursday of the month at 7 pm, but please check our calendar.

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